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Femoral condyle

Short Description:

Type: Knee

Gloss: off-white

Material: cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy

Process: lost wax casting

Tolerance: machining allowance ±0.3mm

Executive standard: YY0117.3-2005, ISO5832-4

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Product Description

Our cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy artificial joint blank is cast from high-quality cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy material, which has good mechanical properties and biocompatibility, and can provide a reliable basis for manufacturing high-quality artificial joints


Introducing our newest product, the Femoral Condyle - a revolutionary product designed to improve the quality of life for people suffering from a variety of knee conditions.

The Femoral Condyle is a knee implant made of high-quality cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy. The gloss of the product is off-white, providing a clean, modern and professional look. The product is manufactured in lost wax casting, a process that ensures a perfect finish and high quality.

The femoral condyle has a machining allowance of ±0.3mm to ensure a perfect fit without causing any discomfort to the person using it. The products comply with YY0117.3-2005, ISO5832-4 and other implementation standards, ensuring the highest quality and standards.

Femoral Condyles are designed to provide a durable solution for individuals with knee related issues such as arthritis, sports injuries, accidents and other injuries. This product is a great option for people looking for a permanent solution to their knee problems rather than relying on pain medication or undergoing surgery.

One of the main advantages of the femoral condyle is that it provides a solution for individuals who are unable or choose not to undergo surgery. This may be due to age, health or personal beliefs. In addition, this product provides an opportunity for individuals who have undergone surgery to improve their quality of life without requiring further surgery.

The femoral condyles have been tested by reputed institutes and proven to be durable, sustainable and effective. It is easy to use and does not require any additional procedures or medications to work. This product is also readily available and you can order it by emailing us.


In conclusion, the Femoral Condyle is an innovative product that provides a durable solution for individuals seeking alternative solutions to knee problems. High-quality cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy, off-white luster, machining allowance tolerance ± 0.3mm, in line with YY0117.3-2005, ISO5832-4 and other implementation standards, to ensure product durability and sustainable development. , and an efficient solution. Do not hesitate to contact us by email today, place your order and benefit from this innovative product.

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