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Sweeping snow to ensure smooth traffic, Ruiyi is in action

WechatIMG2579Recently, Wei County has experienced a heavy snowfall, covered in silver and picturesque scenery. The earth was covered in a thick layer of white cotton quilt, as if it were a fairyland described in fairy tales. In the misty and hazy fairyland, there is a group of busy figures……

In the early morning after the snow, the leadership of our company organized a snow sweeping activity, and all personnel actively participated, quickly dedicating themselves to the snow sweeping work according to their division of labor. During the snow sweeping process, bursts of joyful laughter came from everyone, fearlessly clearing the snow with great enthusiasm. Despite the cold weather, everyone united as one, assisted each other, and worked together to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the company.

The snow-clearing activity not only ensured everyone’s safe travel but also brought everyone’s hearts closer together. In this cold winter day, we sowed the seed of love with joyful laughter and hard work.

Through this event, it can be seen that this spirit of unity, cooperation, mutual assistance, and love is not only reflected in our company’s business field, but also runs through the daily lives and work of employees. I believe this spirit will lead the company towards a better future!

Post time: Dec-18-2023