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The construction of a new factory has officially started

With the new crown epidemic under control, new opportunities for economic development are ushered in. The top ten key industrial projects in Weixian County were established in 2020, and are now starting as the epidemic eases. Among them, our company is located in the high-tech zone, and the artificial joint casting manufacturing plant on the south side of the North Second Ring Road officially started construction in January this year.

The construction of a new factory has officially started

The manufacturing plant covers an area of ​​about 88 mu, and the construction area of ​​the first phase of the plant is about 16,000 square meters. It will cover multiple production lines from master alloy manufacturing to casting production, and is committed to providing people with high-quality artificial joint casting products.

As the population aging trend intensifies, the demand for artificial joints is increasing. The construction of the plant will provide an important guarantee to meet market demand, and at the same time inject new impetus into the local economic development.

According to the relevant person in charge, the factory will adopt advanced production technology and equipment, have a first-class R&D team and technical personnel, and is committed to creating high-quality and reliable artificial joint products. The construction of the factory will not only bring employment opportunities, but also promote the development of related industrial chains and make positive contributions to the economic development of Wei County.

The government of Wei County stated that it will fully support the construction and development of the project, provide convenient policies and services, and create a good development environment for enterprises. It is believed that through the cooperation between the two parties, the project will inject new vitality into the industrial development of Wei County and enhance the competitiveness of the regional economy.

The start of construction of the artificial joint casting manufacturing plant marks the start of key industrial projects in Wei County, and also heralds the vigorous development of Wei County's economy. Wei County will continue to increase support for key industrial projects, actively promote the optimization and upgrading of the economic structure, and provide more employment opportunities and development space for local residents.

Post time: Jun-13-2023